Katherine White

Katherine White
Katherine White
Principal + Business Director
B Soc Sci (Planning) (Hons) (RMIT) M Urban and Cultural Heritage (Melb) RPIA VPELA MICOMOS
TEL +61 (0)3 9667 0800
The focus of heritage planner Katherine White’s work is the pursuit of positive outcomes for the development of heritage places — balancing conservation objectives and the need for change to support ongoing and new uses. She develops close working relationships with clients, providing heritage advice in the context of relevant regulations and processes plus broader planning and statutory heritage frameworks.
Katherine’s background is in town planning and urban and cultural heritage. She is a skilled strategic planner, and has been working in this field for more than 15 years, developing particular expertise in the assessment of heritage impacts and the preparation of planning and heritage permit applications and appeals. She is experienced in the delivery of expert evidence for panels and hearings, and in the peer review of projects with complex heritage issues. She leads a multi-disciplinary team in the preparation of heritage studies and reports, heritage impact statements for permit applications, and contributes to conservation and heritage management plans.
The nature of Katherine’s work has given her wide-ranging experience in the assessment of buildings and sites of all types — from individual houses to large industrial sites, sporting grounds to theatres, inner city commercial buildings to historic homesteads. She also works on projects that involve major public infrastructure, providing advice to government agencies at local, state and national levels.

Katherine’s projects include …