Strategic + master planning

Lovell Chen provides a range of strategic and master planning services with a particular focus on places with complex heritage issues.
Often initiated as part of redevelopment works or a major change in use, projects have included the development of plans for major infrastructure and institutional sites, for heritage property portfolios, and for individual structures and landscapes. Outcomes range from the development of programmes for capital works and maintenance, to wholesale adaptation and reuse.
The process makes use of our integrated in-house team of architects, planners and heritage consultants, who provide a comprehensive service, delivering a designed outcome for a place, not just analysis. Our approach combines a thorough understanding of the core processes and documentation relevant to planning with the experience to think laterally about the possibilities.
We develop practical, achievable strategic solutions and, if required, we can follow these through to implementation. We are highly experienced in meaningful engagement with stakeholders and use our resources effectively, sometimes collaborating with external consultants, including engineers, landscape specialists and other architects.