Approvals + appeals

We provide a comprehensive service for the preparation and submission of statutory heritage authority approvals and appeals, for works and development to heritage properties and places, large and small, in all parts of Australia.
We act for a range of clients, including owners of individual buildings with heritage controls who wish to modify or extend them, owners of larger heritage places proposing major works or redevelopment, and government agencies planning works to public heritage-controlled places.
Lovell Chen’s strength in developing and representing proposals lies in our careful and considered engagement with the issues involved. We work with owners and project teams to achieve outcomes that address the complexities of balancing heritage with the need for ongoing viable uses for buildings and places. This process uses our experience not only in the provision of planning advice but also in the design and delivery of architectural and heritage works.
Our team has in-depth knowledge of the provisions of planning and heritage legislation, and operates in local, state and national contexts. In Victoria, there are two relevant pieces of legislation: the Planning & Environment Act 1987 and the Heritage Act 2017. Associated municipal planning schemes also apply. At a national level, the Environment Protection & Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 may be relevant.

We also have many years’ experience working with the heritage authorities at all levels — including local authorities, Heritage Victoria and other state bodies, and national government departments.