Lovell Chen provides specialised expertise in the assessment and management of heritage landscapes and features, and in landscape architecture.
We bring together this specific expertise in historical and contemporary landscapes with our comprehensive experience in strategic assessment and creative problem-solving to inform the development of appropriate planning, management and designed outcomes.
Our approach to providing strategic advice can include assessment of historical sources, the use of technical methodologies to clarify the provenance and values of living and built landscape elements, and the review of arboricultural, horticultural and other technical assessments. We use this in-depth understanding to provide strategic direction and inform designed works to conserve and adapt existing landscape and landscape features. Our experience includes heritage garden, park, precinct, and large-scale landscape and industrial/infrastructure projects of enduring significance in Victoria and across Australia. Many involve complex associations or controversial histories.
Ongoing evolution and integration of old and new are necessary for the effective conservation of living landscapes. We provide management policies, master planning and design services for the practical restoration, adaptation and/or regeneration of heritage landscapes, and for their retention during periods of managed change.