A message from Lovell Chen’s management team
Friday 17 April 2020

Our actions in response to the Coronavirus situation

Australian Government’s RESPONSE | Victorian State Government’s RESPONSE

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We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of our employees, clients, contractors, consultants and members of the public, and we have implemented protective initiatives to respond to the presence of coronavirus (COVID-19) — as precautionary measures and as a proactive response to minimise potential health risks and business impacts.

As of mid April, we have not received notification of any cases of COVID-19 among our employees or their extended families. We continue to monitor the situation, and to follow all relevant advice and guidance issued by Federal and State health authorities.


We have implemented the recommended precautions to reduce the risk of infection, and ask our staff to respect and follow the guidance at all times.
— Wash hands or use hand sanitiser regularly
— Cover your cough and sneeze
— Avoid shaking hands
— Maintain social distancing … 1.5m distancing, maximum 1 person to 4 sq m, 1 person in a lift

While we maintain a skeleton staff presence at our office they are required to act In accordance with the health guidelines and must not attend the office if they are not well or exhibit Coronavirus symptoms.

All staff attending building sites are required to wear appropriate PPE (gloves, masks) and clean equipment regularly.


We have cancelled or postponed all business-related interstate travel. Where possible we are electing to use teleconferencing and video conferencing to limit face-to-face meetings.

We will continue to attend building sites or site inspections for the time being, provided the social distancing requirements can be maintained while on site at all times.

Our staff are not allowed to attend site or have face-to-face meetings or conduct inspections if they are not well or exhibit Coronavirus symptoms. They are required to check prior to visits to site that there are no exclusions in place that would prohibit attendance. All travel to and from sites must be conducted in a safe manner that limits exposure or contact and adheres to the social distancing requirements.


We decided to encourage home working, which commenced Monday 23 March. All staff working from home continue to be accessible by phone and email.


Lovell Chen is conscious of specific confidentiality requirements and commitments in relation to particular projects. To this end, we additionally advise as follows in relation to these projects:

— The security of project information will not be compromised.  No project information is to be physically removed from the office either in paper-based or electronic forms (USB or other devices).
— Project information will remain on Lovell Chen secured servers.
— When working from home, our staff will maintain the highest standards of confidentiality. Separate working areas will be established with screens protected from view. No information is to be transferred to individual PCs or laptops. Access to secured project files will remain password protected.

Please contact me should you have any questions or concerns.

Anne-Marie Treweeke
Practice Principal
TEL +61 (0)3 9667 0800